The Blog Awards Ireland

Blogging is increasingly seen as an important tool for businesses to engage with customers, and bloggers have a growing influence on purchasers. But scientists are also increasingly engaging across the blogging spectrum by using the platform to discuss science with other scientists, and more importantly to relay their research and that of other scientists to a wider readership. Since I started blogging in early 2013, I have posted about 27 posts and the site is coming up to 7000 views, which isn’t too shabby considering the nerdy content!

If you have enjoyed reading my blog, you might consider nominating it for the The Blog Awards Ireland. They have two categories which I think are relevant to this blog including ‘Science and Technology’ and ‘Eco/Green’. If you would like to nominate my blog, or indeed any other Irish based blog, head over to their site and submit your nominations. Happy nominating!

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