Laudato Si

Presentation1I recently received what I considered to be quite an unusual request to present at a conference. It wasn’t the standard environmental or ecological conference I usually attend, but a Catholic conference aiming to create awareness of environmental damage and climate change within the Catholic Church and among wider society.

I was instantly interested, not because I’m religious, but because the Catholic Church has many patrons throughout the world, and are in a great position to advocate for the care of the environment. If the church can show the initiative to reach out and embrace science, and to take on board the effect that people have had on the environment, then I too can play my role and disseminate my knowledge and experience to the church.

On Saturday, 3rd of October, 2015, a local response to Pope Francis’s encyclical will take place at Waterford Institute of Technology.  The encyclical named “Laudato Si (Be Praised), On the Care of Our Common Home”, aims to inspire the public, not just Catholics, to protect the Earth. Invited speakers on the day include a variety of people currently engaged in environmental research,  engineering, climate change writers, and representatives from state agencies.

I will present a talk about some of my own research, and discuss how I have worked with the public to increase awareness of environmental conservation. I intend to show the delegates that while we need to take responsibility for the damage we have caused to the environment, we are also the ones with the power to make positive changes and get involved in volunteer and conservation efforts.

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